Frequently Asked Questions

If you have and further questions, please get in touch.

Can anyone access my portfolio?

Not at all. Only you can access your own portfolio with your username and password. Clients have a separate login, where they can view all portfolios, but cannot see your child’s personal information.

Can we work for other modelling agencies?

Yes, of course. The whole point of modelling is to work whenever you can. There are many models, successful included, that have more than one agent in place. Be seen as much as possible in the hope more people will notice your child.

Can you tell me how many jobs I can expect to receive?

This is an impossible question to answer as each model's work rate is reliant upon many different factors. Some models "hit it off" quicker than others and seem to secure every job for which they are auditioned. Others take a little longer to warm up and yet once they do there is sometimes no stopping them. A great deal depends on the look and age group the client requires for the job. But always remember some of our biggest "stars" are just normal children having fun and enjoying themselves.

Do you accept everyone who applies?

No, we only accept a certain number of new models from our daily applications. We only take on children who we believe have the highest possible chance of finding work.

Does it matter where I live?

It is preferred that models live in England as the majority of work is primarily in London, Birmingham and Manchester. We don’t accept applications in Scotland, but will consider applications in Wales that are prepared to travel over 100 miles.

How can I help my child get work?

In order to increase your child's chances of getting an assignment, it is really important that you provide us with adequate images to work with. These don’t necessarily need to be professional images, but do need to be of a high standard. We do ask that you update your images at least every 3 months, or when you feel your child has altered in appearance. It is also essential that you check your emails daily and reply to any emails that are sent regarding assignments.

How can I tell if I am joining a reputable agency?

We have had the pleasure of working on many exciting assignments over the years, which we are happy share with you on request. Just ask us to provide you with a selection of our most recent clients or assignments. We are happy to discuss anything with you in person or on the telephone.

How does Child Models work?

At Child Models, we work with children of all ages, but we only accept applications of models that we firmly believe have the best possible chance of getting work. As a sister company of Baby Models, we have been working with models for over 10 years and we have over 150 active clients who use our agency looking for models. New clients contact us daily with their model requirements and we provide them with a shortlist of suitable models. Once a selection is made, we negotiate all fees with our client and then contact you "the parent" with the full assignment details. You can choose to accept or decline the assignment.

How does the agency earn?

The agency earns commission on all successful assignments. We deduct 25% commission on all fees depending on the type of work. Fees are negotiable depending on the type of assignment and the number of times you are required to attend. The agency also earns money from model release fees and other fees which are paid by the client. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

How much can I earn?

It depends on the client and their budget, but we always aim to get a model at least £55 per hour or £300 per day. The average is £200-£500 for a 4-6 hour photoshoot, including breaks.

How will I know when a client is interested in my child?

The agency will contact you by telephone and e-mail to provide you with the details of your booking. Please note that the agency will contact you only when we have a definite booking for you. The agency is simply too busy to contact models if a client has only expressed an interest in the model or if the agency is in the negotiation stage of the booking.

Is there a joining fee?

We do not charge representation fees or joining fees. All we ask you to pay is £75, which includes adding your child to our model directory and covers the administration costs of finding them work, for TV, Film and commercials for 3 years. This excludes photographic only models.

Once my child is registered, are they guaranteed work?

No agency can absolutely guarantee you work. If they do, think about joining another agency. Please be aware that it is always the client's decision as to the child that is hired. What we do guarantee is that we only take children onto our books who we feel can be placed successfully.

What age groups do you represent?

We represent children 3 years to 16 years of age. If you child is under 3 years, please apply at

What do I do now?

To apply, complete the online application form and submit three suitable colour photographs. We will then assess the application and you will receive a response within 24 hours. If the application is successful, you will receive confirmation to the e-mail address that you have supplied and you may be contacted by a modelling co-ordinator regarding the approved application. If your application is declined, we will provide feedback.

What happens once my child is accepted to model?

Once accepted, you can login to our website and upload photographs of your child to their profile. You can then book a test shoot at one of our studio's in London or Birmingham. Your child will be automatically put forward for all suitable opportunities, based on briefs sent to us by our clients.

When do auditions and jobs take place?

The majority of work takes place Monday to Friday. It is important that you keep us up to date with your unavailability throughout the year. Occasionally clients will hold auditions or shoots at the weekend so bear that in mind when giving us your unavailability. Castings and photo shoots can sometimes be very short notice, so you will need to be as flexible as possible. The average notice period is around 1-2 weeks, varying from client to client.

Who will take the photographs for my portfolio?

We ask that models start out by using their own professional or non-professional images. Once you're portfolio is live, you can then attend a test shoot, which is a great opportunity to purchase a professional modelling portfolio. There is no obligation to purchase a portfolio or provide professional photographs, so if you wish to use non-professional photographs then that’s fine, as long as the images are sufficient to challenge other models for work.

Why should I choose Child Models?

We offer a professional, committed service and have over 11 years’ experience in child modelling. Unlike other agencies, we specialize primarily in child modelling, so we have a much better rate of success. We have new clients signing up every day and we are constantly working with models to get them recognised.

Will my personal details be seen?

Absolutely not. Only your basic information can be seen by clients. Personal information is held by the agency and kept for contact purposes only.

Will we need professional photographs or test shots?

All models over the age of 3 years should ideally have a current professional modelling portfolio. Most children aged 3-16 would have already experienced a professional shoot, either through an agency or a personal shoot. If you don’t have a professional portfolio and you are successful in your modelling application, you will be invited to attend a test shoot where we can take professional images of your child, which can be used to find them work. If you do have professional images, then please provide these on your application.

Will we need to travel?

Travel is essential. We aim to find you work within your desired maximum travel distance, which is specified on your application. This can be 25, 50, 100 miles, 200 or more. The choice to accept an assignment is entirely down to you. Many clients will offer to cover travel costs for models over 100 miles, so you may wish to consider their offer before making a decision.

So, if you wish to join us a model please make an application here.